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"Un Instant Bucolique"

29.50 - 59.50 / On Sale

In this illustration where are transported to a serene and idyllic scene. The atmosphere exudes an air of tranquility, reminiscent of a bygone era, a reinterpretation of summer and what love could be. The majestic symbol of Greek temples serve as a timeless reminder of ancient civilizations and their enduring influence on our collective imagination. the palms trees adds the touch of exotism that always represents in the Mediterranean Sea. Although maybe both characters don't know each other, they are enjoying a calm moment. There is a small connection between each other in a frozen moment in time where everything seems to be perfect, like in a Gaughin savage painting.

Option 1 - artprint / 21 x 27.5cm - 29,95€
Option 2 - poster / 40 x 52.5 cm - 59,50€

Limited numbered series.
Signed and packaged with care by me, the author :)