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With this painting I wanted to capture a tender moment between two men on a serene beach. They stand embraced, simbolizing the strength and solace found on human connections. The tranquil background are expressed in a equal division of the seascape in three parts. The beach exudes a sense of peacefulness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the profound emotions conveyed within this scene. As their bodies intertwine, the men's embrace radiates an aura of safety and comfort.

Their postures exude vulnerability and trust, offering solace from life's uncertainties. In this intimate gesture, they find sanctuary in each other's presence ‑ a respite from the chaos that may exist beyond their shared embrace. "Protection" serves as a powerful reminder that amidst life's challenges, finding someone who provides unwavering support can be transformative. It speaks to the universal need for human connection and highlights its ability to nurture our emotional well‑being.

This painting invites viewers to reflect upon their own experiences with love, support, and protection. It celebrates the beauty of empathy and compassion as vital pillars in fostering genuine connections with others.

In "Protection," we witness an embrace that transcends societal norms or expectations – it symbolizes acceptance and understanding at its core. It speaks volumes about love's capacity to provide shelter from life's storms while celebrating individuality without judgment or reservation.

"Protection" reminds us all of our inherent need for emotional support and reminds us to cherish and nurture the bonds that offer solace, strength, and protection in an often chaotic world.|

Acrylic on canvas

Option 1 - 33 x 41 cm / 12 x 16 inch
Option 2 - 73 x 54 cm / 23 x 36 inch

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