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"Heracles & Abderus"

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This is the story of Heracles and Abderos, who had his tragic role in Heracles’ Eight Labour. Abderos helped Heracles to capture the four savage mares of the Tracian king Diomedes. Heracles brought the mares to the sea, where he left them in the care of Abderos, Heracles’s lover. However, while Heracles was away, Abdero died being dragged by the mares. In revenge, Heracles fed Diomedes alive to his own mares and then he founded the city of Abdera. I added a red line that represents the thread spun by the Moirai from a spindle. The three Moirai sisters cut this spun to end people’s life.

Option 1 - artprint / A4 size (HQ paper 260 grs)

Limited numbered series.
It includes a mat.
Signed and packaged with care by me, the author :)
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