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"Hadrian & Antinous" - Artprint

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The incredible love story between the roman emperor Hadrian and the handsome Antinous has been my first inspiration for a new illustrations connected to emotions and feelings. For me, this story is about devotion and eternity: after Antinous’s death, Hadrian changed the constelation of the myth of Zeus and Ganimedes to Antinous constelation (now dissapeared since the XX’s century). If you want to now further I invite you to investigate more about it fall in love with Antinous and his lover Hadrian.

Option 1 - artprint / A4 size (HQ paper 260 grs)

Option 2 - poster
40 x 50 cm /HQ paper 290 grs)

Limited numbered series.
It includes a mat.
Signed and packaged with care by me, the author :)